The Daria Workshop Series is a training platform for budding journalists; helping them to connect to the reality of journalism practice, clear out illusions and identify their unique niche and place in the continued existence of their field of endeavor.
The program will be delivered by trainers from Beyond Broadcasting, Premium Times and Daria Media.

The  purpose of the workshop is that of a connector or a bridge from the surrealistic classroom career fervor to the real, demanding and definitely more exciting practice of the profession; to help them understand the ethics of the profession and the judicious applicability of these ethics even in a changing less ethical clime.

The workshop will also be exposing participants to the futuristic paradigm evolvement of the practice of journalism as a whole and helping them to not only accept these changes but also to be part of headlining these changes; pivots on an inevitably turning wheel.

The training targets candidates who are intelligent with passion for and proven interest in the field of journalism.
A carefully put together Selection Committee will be responsible for selecting the candidates that will be a part of this training.

The Daria Media Workshop 2017

The first series of The Daria Media Workshop took place at Bayero University Kano, Lagos State University and Daily Trust Media from 11th to 16th December 2017. In 2018, we hope to expand this program to include other higher institutions of learning that offer Journalism and Mass Communication degrees.
Mr. Ben Williams of Beyond Broadcasting, Mr Joshua Olufemi of Premium Times and Kadaria Ahmed of Daria Media facilitated the trainings. In all, there were 64 trainees.