SEARCHLIGHT is a multiplatform program that will examine the performance of the government on the critical sectors in the country, interrogate the work being done with a view to ensuring accountability and the fulfillment of the mandate given to them and enable citizens get a deeper understanding of the issues.


Through targeted Support, the MacArthur Foundation aims to reduce corruption by supporting Nigerian-led efforts that strengthen accountability, transparency, and participation.
With Searchlight, Daria Media will be  providing factual, accurate, unbiased and balanced views that empower citizens to hold public and private sectors accountable, build social consciousness and promote nation building.
Corruption and non-accountability have been responsible for under development, failing standard of education, absence of basic infrastructure and health facilities across the nation. These issues are a problem across all sectors of the country.
Governance has to be closer to the people enough for the citizens to engage with the people leading them and making decisions on their behalf. The searchlight of accountability has to go round all the sectors in government and not just focus on a few sectors.